Monday, May 25, 2020
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Rabbi Elchonon Ehrman grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. He attended Yeshiva University High School and then went on to learn in Yeshivos Ohr Dovid, Beis Yisroel, Ohr Sameach, Chaim Berlin, Hakotel and Netiv Aryeh. He declined an athletic scholarship from dozens of Division One schools primarily because they didn’t offer him one. The same applies to the academic scholarships from numerous Ivy League schools.


He then taught in various Yeshivos and seminaries. Upon realizing he wasn’t a girl, he left the seminaries. He left Yeshiva to start a Kollel called Iyun Hanefesh, intended for people who want not only to learn but to emphasize self growth. It closed after the year because he ran out of money and fund raising is not his forte. “Fun raising” is.


He presently runs “Yeshiva G’dola D’skype” where he learns with people over skype, harnessing modern technology in the service of Torah.
He has published numerous seforim and has many others in manuscript form that he is not publishing mostly because he sold so few of the one’s he actually published, he doesn’t feel that it is worthwhile to publish more. No New York Times Bestseller list for this guy. But they do make his parents very proud of him. He loves his parents.
He has served as a scholar in residence in numerous shuls in the New York area and he is not sure if they liked him but he really enjoyed the experience.


He is also a trained marriage counselor who is passionate about helping people improve their marriages.

Rabbi Ehrman resided in the Old City for over 20 years and that is where his soul remains. His body is living in beautiful, scenic Givat Ze’ev, together with his family consisting of a wife and six children [and a dearly departed goldfish].
His hobbies include bobsledding, waterskiing, flying airplanes, mountain climbing and running triathlons. Then he wakes up from his sleep completely refreshed. He also served in the IDF as a General. Or so he tells people when he really wants to impress them. If that doesn’t do the trick, then he tells them that he saw combat in the Yom Kippur War [when he was but 2 years old].
You may contact him if you would like to learn with him or would like him to speak in your community. Or you want to be friends with him. He loves friends and frankly, has very few.