Internet And Cheyt Adam Ha-rishon


How many sites get you soooo innocently. They promise you things for free. Then you click here or there and they tell that that for only $8.95 cents a month….. Or they get your email address and then flood your email box with promotional material i.e. try to get your money. Free is no longer free.

So was the serpent in Gan Eden. He started out “innocently” – “G-d told you not to eat from all of the trees” [see Rashi 3/1]. What’s wrong with that [except that it was a lie]? But in the end he got both Chava and Adam to eat from the tree. He was indeed very sneaky. 

That is also our yeter hara. It starts out telling us to do innocent things but in the end try to destroy us whether it is physically, emotionally or spiritually.