Finding Meaninglessness In A Meaningless Book That Caused The Extinction of Innocent Trees


Am I intelligent?

I believe that I am. Don’t get me wrong – I know plenty of people who are more intelligent than I but I also know plenty of people less intelligent. So I ask myself – There are two possibilities as to how I received my intelligence. 1] Completely by chance. Random. No intelligent being involved. My intelligence came from ZERO intelligence. Non-intelligence very intelligently created intelligence. 2] An Intelligent Being created my intelligence. This Being is SOOOOO Intelligent that his Intelligence encompasses that of all of mankind. 

What is more plausible, 1] or 2]? 

I think – if you will excuse the pun – that this is a no brainer. For this question one needs precious little intelligence. 2]. Intelligence creates intelligence. Consciousness creates consciousness. Life creates life. 

Nothing creates nothing.  

A lapsed Jew wrote a new book “Finding Purpose in a Godless World; Why We Care Even if the Universe Doesn’t”.  I didn’t read it but from the review it seems that he asserts [with VERY VERY little intelligence] that the world has no purpose. It is all an accident. Science explains everything. But if you drop fifteen bucks then you will have the author attempt to convince you that your meaningless life has meaning. He should have named the book “Finding Contrived Meaning In Our Miserable World So We Don’t All Kill Ourselves”.  

Science proves that there is no G-d, he claims. 


What is the proof? Not a thousand proofs, a hundred proofs or even ten. Give me one. There are NONE. Not one. There are countless scientists who believe in G-d, many of them through science. So what does this psychiatrist know that they don’t?   

Showing how things work doesn’t prove that there aren’t hidden forces making it work. We know that a drop of sperm turns into a human being with all of his integrated complexity. We can explain how he develops in his mother’s womb. But how does the womb know how to transform a tiny drop of sperm and an egg into a thinking, feeling, creative, conscious, [often] spirituality seeking, human being??? 

A complete freak of nature that happens billions and billions of times with amazing precision? Or a process guided by a higher intelligence? What makes more sense??

How did “nothing” suddenly become “something” that blew up and we have our universe?? Science has no explanation for that. There are LOOOOADS of phenomena that science can’t explain and even when science CAN explain something all that does is INCREASE our awe and wonder at the miracle of creation.  

This Jew should be zocheh to find G-d in a universe FILLED with his glory and we should all merit לעבדו באמת.