It’s a New World


Guest Post by Rav Yisroel

Today is the first day of Brias HaOlam. As of yesterday, 5779 years ago, there was just emptiness. And as of today, there is a world!! The Borei Olam had a purpose in creating this material, physical world – that there should be Glory and Honor to Him, as we say שהכל ברא לכבודו.

This is our job 24/7. We have to bring His Light throughout the universe. Every one of us has a special opportunity every second of the day to bring Honor to His Name. We have to ask ourselves, “Am I living the life that Hashem had in mind when he created the world? When he brought my neshama into the world?”

The opportunities are endless. Through toiling in Torah, spreading Torah, acts of chesed, tefilla, teshuva, working on our middos, making another person smile, thinking about Hashem, loving Him, fearing Him, just being happy knowing that I have a Holy Neshama, happy knowing that I am a Yid….The list is endless. It only needs a second of thought…”What can I do this second to bring honor to Hashem?”