Shabbos Hagadol – Small Is Big

Shaaaloooom sweeeeeeetest friends!!!!!!

A HUUUUUGE mazel tov to my very special and long time friends Rav Jakey And Rebbetzin Dahlia Berman on the birth of their SON!!!! May they have LOADS of nachas from him and their other children as well, in good health and happiness!!! May he follow in the path of his esteemed parents and be a TRUE Eved Hashem!!

A special mazel tov to the Berman and Honigsfeld families, grandparents, uncles, aunts etc.!!! May this simcha be a harbinger of many simchas to come!!

This Dvar Torah should be a zchus for my beloved mother, הענא מרים בת חנה, for good health and happiness for many years to come!!

And Li-ilui nishmas HaRav Ozer Glickman whose sudden passing has left so many people devastated. May his Torah and example shine for all of us.

This Shabbos is called “Shabbos Hagadol”. Why? Oh boy [we were just talking about a new boy]! LOTS of reasons are given.

Here is a great one from Rav Leibele Eiger ztz”l [“slightly” embellished:-)]:

All of the blessings in the world come from Shabbos. [That is why we eat leftovers all week long. The bracha of Shabbos extends to the whole week:-)]. So the Shabbos before yetzias mitzrayim was the source of the bracha that allowed us to leave that horrific Arab country lead by a despotic leader.

[I was actually considering spending Pesach in an Egyptian hotel with a special Pesach program where Machmoud Abbas is the scholar in residence. He will be speaking about why the ancient Egyptians didn’t accept a 2 state solution for the Jewish problem and will attempt to prove that the Jews did not enter into Palestine after leaving Egypt but instead traveled to Topeka, Kansas. My wife however is not into the Egyptian-Pesach thing, so instead we are going to Las Vegas where the “scholar in residence” for the Pesach program is a running back from the L.A. Rams, Todd Gurley, who is of African ancestry and has curly peyos coming out from every part of his skull. I am not making that up. Meaning, I don’t think I will be in Las Vegas at that Pesach program but the running back will be, together with his peyos [called “dreadlocks”]. I wonder if he eats gebrochts. He will be speaking about “From Moses to Martin Luther King Jr – Man shouldn’t judged by the color of his skin but by the amount of touchdowns he scores and how he boogeys to celebrate”. Sounds RIVETING].

However, before the Jews left, they were mitzvah-less. They felt empty. “Naked” – the pasuk calls them. ואת ערום ועריה. Then Hashem gave them the mitzvos of Korban Pesach and bris milah. When someone feels small – in G-d’s eyes they are very big. In the Zohar Hakadosh it says “מאן דאיהו זעיר איהו רב” – One who is small is really BIG.

THAT is why this Shabbos is called Shabbos Hagadol. It is sooooo big because before we left Egypt we felt soooooo smalllll.

When Hashem came to Trump and asked him to take the Jews out of Egypt, he said “Lord, you are a VERY smart man. Well, I mean smart Deity. I am the ONLY person who can successfully take the Jews out of Egypt. I know how to make deals. That is how I made my billions. We need deal makers to take the Jews out of Egypt. Nobody can make deals like ME. Not fake politicians whom CNN likes with their FAKE NEWS. This is going to be HUUUUUGE. MASSIVE. I am going to make your Name GREAT AGAIN. Look at how many people come to hear me speak. The TV cameras don’t show them but they are there. In throngs. Right after I was elected tens of thousands of women came out to demonstrate in my honor. They appreciate that I LOVE women. That is why I married 3 different ones. I am going to make your Name great among men and women alike. Also, I have Jewish grandchildren So NOBODY can really lead the Jewish people like me. And I understand Egyptians. I have done TONS of business with them. Billions of dollars. They LOVE me. Not like the previous president. His middle name was Hussein, he was born and raised in Kenya, yet he couldn’t make deals with foreign governments. Except that HORRIBLE Iran deal. We are going to revoke THAT one. And Obamacare. He didn’t really care anyway. Plus when we get to Israel I am going to put my embassy straight away in Jerusalem and then make a wall to keep all of the “Palestinians” out of the way of the Jews. I am also going to build a wall outside the Temple called the “Western wall” and make sure that it is NEVER destroyed”.

Hashem didn’t like his attitude so he wasn’t chosen.

Then Hashem came to Moshe and asked him to take the Jews out of Egypt and … he refused. I am not worthy, he said. Hashem chose Moshe. מאן דאיהו זעיר איהו רב – If you are small then you are great.

This Shabbos we celebrate our smallness which turned into greatness.

A sweet delicious Shabbos beloved friends!!!!