Tu Bi-shvat News

1. All of the trees in my neighborhood went to Uman for their Rosh Hashana.
2. In Lakewood, the boys who came in Elul are allowed to start dating now. They call it “the freezer”. To be machmir some boys on Tu Bi-shvat take a “date” out of their freezer.
3. The minhag is to daven for a pretty esrog on Tu bi-shvat. In Lakewood they daven for a esrog holder [that is the present the in laws buy for the chosson. I would guess that some daven for a pretty esrog, esrog holder and an even prettier kallah].
4. Now is a great time to go into the car rental business in Lakewood because now all of the boys need cars. I can’t drive so when I dated my wife we walked a WHOLE LOT. It was so inexpensive. But being married has been quite costly but WORTH IT!!
May we all be zocheh to produce beautiful peiros and also to move to Eretz Yisrael לאכול מפריה ולשבוע מטובה!!!
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