I copied this from the weekly newsletter of a Yeshiva in the Old City. Hope you like it:

Hashem speaks for the very first time to the Jewish people! The moment has arrived and it is HUGE!

He speaks “I am the Lord your G-d who took you out of Egypt”. Wait a minute! You are bigger than that. You created the whole world!! Why limit yourself to a one time [abeit miraculous] event at a certain period in history. You are responsible for everything. Try this “I am the Lord your G-d who created the gantza velt” [“the whole world”. I am fairly certain that Hashem has a special place in His heart for the Yiddish language]. Many sources ask this question and many answers have been offered.

The “Mevakesh Lev Al Hatorah” suggests as follows: Saying that Hashem created the world is certainly true but much too global. I need to know that I have a PERSONAL relationship with Hashem. I need to know that when I am in trouble He can extract me from my state of distress. Knowing Hashem’s omnipotence is only meaningful if I can somehow relate it to my own life. I am Hashem Elokecha – Your G-d – in the singular and not plural form. Asher hotzeisicha – Who took you – again singular form – out of Mitzrayim from the word meitzarim, narrow places. Whenever you find yourself in narrow places I can take you out. BUT [big “but”] there is a condition! Just like when you were in Egypt you cried out so too I expect you to do so in the future. Yes I am a personal G-d to each and every one of you, but you have to relate to Me as such in order to became saved from all the “Mitzraims” of life.

May we all be saved from our personal Egypt daily when we fulfill the mitzvah of remembering Yetzias Mitzraim.

Love and blessings!